Banana Yoghurt Raita/ Dip

I know it sounds unusual !! I know !!!!  but hear me out !!! its  yum … like lick the bowl when it’s over yum !!

This recipe comes straight out of my mommy’s kitchen. She would make this only during summers for two reasons. Firstly, bananas would ripe quickly and no one in the house would eat a mush banana and my mom refused to throw anything in the bin that can remotely be otherwise consumed. Secondly, much to her dismay (read : she was super happy and she pretended otherwise) my sibling and I would be outdoors in hot sun playing all day !! Now summers in India can be harsh so to reduce the effects of heat and largely to use up her over ripe bananas, she would make us this raita/ dip, not that we ever complained; it is delicious ……

Banana is a power house of nutrient. Full with soluble and insoluble fibre, potassium, proteins, carbohydrates,magnesium, calcium, what not and with yoghurt in tow it is an excellent way to reduce heat from body and add nutrients at the same time.

So do try this recipe and drop by on the blog to tell me how it went for you all !!



2 ripe bananas ( over ripe works best)

1 cup cold Yoghurt/ Dahi

2 Tsp Sugar

1 Tsp Mustard Seeds / Rai

1 Tsp green chilli ginger paste

Small bowl of water to soak Mustard seeds/ Rai

1/4 Tsp Black Salt

Regular Salt to Taste


  1. Soak mustard seeds in a small bowl filled with water. Keep it aside until the seeds become so soft that they can be mashed between fingers easily. It usually takes about an hour or so.IMG_0405.JPG
  2. Drain the seeds and transfer then into a mortar pestal or on a chopping board. Crush the seeds to as coarse paste.IMG_0408.JPG
  3. In another bowl, take peeled bananas and all the other ingredients except yoghurt and mash it all up. Add yoghurt and fresh chopped coriander leaves and mix well.IMG_0412
  4. Serve cold.IMG_0415

Bon Appetite

Ritu M



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