Diwali Snack – Banana Chips 

Season’s greetings to my readers celebrating Diwali and New Year !! 

Diwali is a crazy time filled with chores around the house, shopping for gifts, social gatherings, loads of snacks, sweets , crackers , rangoli , flowers and lots and lots of light all around… Happy times I say !! 

Snacks and sweets form an integral part of Diwali Celebration. Now a days , people end up shopping for these goodies from shops or home chefs. We all have done it. Running out of time while struggling to strike a balance between work , home and festivities…. This year , ditch that store bought chip packet and make these at home. Packed with loads of flavor and you will be surprised with how less oily these are when compared with the packet goodies. These can be made fresh in small batches and enjoyed along with tea as well.


1. These can’t be rushed. Frying them on lowest flame is imperative.

2. Slice the bananas really super thin. Using a slicer works better than a knife as it produces even sliced wafers. Thick slices tend to go soft.

3. If the chips go soft for some reason , microwave them for a min before eating and they will be crisp again.

4. Do not over crowd the frying pan with too many chips at ones. This ensures even frying. Dip one slice at a time into the oil. They should not be stuck to each other.

5. Don’t brown them. 


6 Raw Green Bananas sliced wafer thin.

Oil  For Deep Frying

1 TSP Table Salt

1 TSP Black Salt

2 TSP ground black pepper

1/2 TSP Amchur / Dry Mango powder


These are the kind of Bananas I used. Short and oblong shaped.

1. Fill a bowl of water with regular tap water.

2. Slice the Bananas straight into the water. Doing it one at a time is easier than all together.

3. Pat dry the slices in a kitchen towel or tissue paper and deep fry on lowest flame setting. When the banana slices go into the oil they will froth and sizzle and you will see a lot of activity in the pan. They are ready when you are able to see them properly and they are almost stagnant. Make sure not to brown them.

4. Drain the fries on a tissue paper. You will be surprised with how these fries don’t soak a lot of oil. Mine are looking yellow because of some photo glitch. They are otherwise opaque white.
5. When they have cooled down , sprinkle both the salts , pepper powder and dry mango powder. Store in an air tight container.

Bon Appetite !!!

Ritu M

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  1. Homemade Banana Chips is my love… I am very big fan of Banana Chips and especially homemade.

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    1. Try these and enjoy !! Season’s greetings to you Surbhi !!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank u and HAPPY DWIALI

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