Churma Ladoo – Ganpati Special

।। वक्र तुंड महाकाय, सूर्य कोटि समप्रभ:। निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव शुभ कार्येषु सर्वदा ॥

Ganesha Chaturthi marks the beginning of a ten day festival celebrated by Indians from all over the world. Lord Ganesh is revered as god of good beginnings, prosperity and remover of obstacles. No new endeavor is undertaken before seeking blessings from him. New cars,  houses , offices etc are bought and inaugurated on this day. A ganesh idol is welcomed at homes , offices and public pandals. Vedic chantings, prayers and prasad is offered daily to the god which is then distributed to the devotees. 

With so much to do , our god must get hungry ☺ . Modaks and churma ladoos come in handy in such times 😄😄 …

Cooked rice flour modaks stuffed with delicious jaggery caramelised grated coconut and nuts and gujarati whole wheat churma ladoos are apparently the flavour of the season and absolute fav of our humble god. 

Today we make churma ladoos. It’s easy to buy them from a shop but the taste and purity can’t be promised. Believe me when I say this, you will never buy another ladoo from the market after you have made your batch at home. 

Tips :

Fry the muthiyas / dough balls on lowest flame possible. 

Do not overcrowd the frying pan. In a medium size frying pan , don’t fry more than 6 dough balls or muthiyas

Reduce the recipe ingredients proportionately for lesser quantity. I made 80 medium sized laddos from the recipe I have noted here.


1 kg Coarse Whole Wheat Flour 

700 gms Ghee 

700 gms Jaggery

100 gms White Sesame Seeds

Dry Fruits and Cardamom Powder optional

1 cup Warm milk

150 gms poppy seeds / Khus Khus

1. Mix 6 big tablespoons of ghee into the flour. We are trying to achieve sand like consistency. When you gather some flour in the hand , it should roughly come together.

2. Add warm milk little my little and make dough balls or muthiyas as they are called in Gujarat. Keep in mind the dough has to be super stiff. 

3. Fry the dough balls/Muthiyas on lowest heat in ghee left over. We are trying to achieve golden brown colour. If you get it too much , it will change the taste of the laddos.

4. Let the fried dough cool down completely and then grind them into a coarse churma powder. Blitz it a few times and keep checking to achieve a sand like texture. 

5. Take 2 TSP of left over ghee and roast the sesame seeds and add them to the powdered dough. Mix well.

6. Heat 2 TSP of ghee and melt the jaggery. It helps to prevent grate it as it saves time. From here on we need to work quickly and swiftly.

7. Add hot jaggery to the powdered mix. Use a spoon to mix well and work swiftly to form ladoo balls of the size preferred by you. Roll laddos in  khus khus or poppy seeds. 

Store and relish them for days .. they won’t last that long though ..

Bon appetit

Ritu M

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