Peas/Mutter Kachori

Kachori ” 

” Kachori ” …

 Is it me or does it sound like ” kar” chori” … Anyways… What’s in the name , a rose is still a rose… Come monsoon and fried food is a must… So we obliged and kept the tradition going…. Today we make Kachori.

 Our “Plat du jour”  has primordial existence dating back to 1600’s. A poet in Mughal era named Banarasidasji, mentioned kachori in his infamous work ” Ardhakatha ” …. He was from Uttar Pradesh and that’s exactly where Kachoris incepted. Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan gifted us the delicious concoction and like other food items , this dish too has travelled well. Each state in India has its own variations. They are made Savory and sweet. Countries outside of India too have such preparations using meat and vegetables. 

Uttar Pradesh offers Urad Dal Kachoris ( black gram lentil Kachoris) , Rajasthani Pyaj Kachoris (Onion Kachoris) ….. simply delicious !! Gujarat is not too far behind with its version of lilva Kachoris ( fresh green beans Kachoris and Vatana Kachoris ( green peas Kachoris) and I am sure there are many more variations people secretly cook in their kitchen and we are not aware. 

Today we make Mutter / Vatana / Peas Kachori . Best made in Peas season. Baby peas, if used, will give excellent results as they are tender and sweet. The dish works well with frozen peas as well so why wait until the next pea season…. Let’s get cooking .. 

It’s fairly simple to prepare the filling. The art of folding the dumpling in the manner I have, is what will keep you awake in the nights until you master it 😬😬😬😬🤒🤒🤒.

San all the joking , it will take several attempts to master the skill. After few set backs, you will for sure get a hang of it. Trust me 😎 😎😎😎😎

And if you still can’t fold , just use a fork and press down the sides to seal it. It will taste the same. 

 Ladies in my family are good teachers. I picked up the art from them and I am sharing it with you all… Feel blessed 😄😄😄😄 … I have made it fairly simple… Follow the pics and you shall sleep well.

There is an acute co-relation between rains and fried food, however , those watching their waist can bake these babies at 250°c for 20 mins turning them every five minutes and lightly brushing them with oil each time they are turned.

Tips :

1. Filling should be made before hand and should be at room temperature when folding the dumplings.

2. Atta for the Kachoris should be soft and pliable but not like roti atta. It will soak more oil if it’s too soft. 

3. Flame should be on medium. Too low and it will be greasy. Too hot , it will quickly brown from outside and not be cooked within.


For Filling :

2 cups fresh/frozen peas

1 cup fresh coriander leaves finely chopped

1 tbsp green chillies and ginger paste

1 lemon

1 TSP sugar

1/2 Tsp each of 

Turmeric / Haldi

Hing/ Asofetida

1 TSP cumin /Jeera

2 tbsp Oil

Salt to taste

For Outer casing :
1 cup whole wheat atta

1 TSP Ghee

Salt to taste

Enough water to knead the dough

Oil to deep fry



1. Coarse grind peas. 

2. Heat a heavy bottom pan. Add oil ,jeera, ginger chillies paste , turmeric and hing. Add the peas mixture , sugar , salt and lime juice. Cook the mix until it forms a ball in the pan. It should not brown. Add coriander 1 min before shutting the gas. Let the mix rest and cool down to room temperature. It will dry more as it cools.


Mix all ingredients in the casing list and knead the dough tougher than roti atta but soft and pliable. Keep it aside. This can be done while the filling is cooling down.

Folding of Kachori

1. Make a lemon size dough ball and flatten it / roll it to a size of a puri .

2. Take a spoon full of filling and make an oblong shape. Place it toward one corner of the Puri leaving few CMS space for sealing. Pick up the other side of the Puri and make the ends meet. Press gently around thecircumference. You now have a semi circle shape filled with peas mix. 

3. Gently pick one end of the Puri and press it inwards. Then pick the protruding part of the pressed side and pinch it toward inside again. Keep doing this until you have folded the whole Puri. Your kachori is done. 

4. Make all the Kachoris and ensure u cover them with a cloth so they don’t dry out. Heat oil for deep frying and fry the Kachoris on medium flame until they are nice brown colour.
5. Serve with green coriander chutney . 

Bon Appetit

Ritu M

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