Mangalorean Prawns Gassi

Being a coastal city in southern part of Karnataka , Mangalorean​ cuisine is influenced by coconuts , curry leaves and “Fish ” (yum yum ).. Fish forms the staple for people residing here with our humble white Rice in tow , is eaten in all forms…. Boiled , steamed , made into variety of dosas and what not….. Neer dosa and Pundi (rice balls) being my fav. With all those wonderful rice preparation , we need curries … Mangalore’s answer to the need comes in awesome collection of curries : Sukka , Pulimunchi and of course Gassi … 

Add your choice of meat or even vegetables for that matter , to these curries and enjoy. 

Today we make Prawn Gassi. Orange coloured soupy gravy eaten with appam , neer dosa or simple plain rice .. it’s tangy , it’s spicy , it’s wholesome. Your mouth watering enough !!???

Let’s get on with cooking … 

It’s fairly simple to make . Can be cracked in flat 30 mins if one is organised. While your rice is cooking , make the gravy.

Ingredients :

For marination

500 gms Prawns cleaned, washed and drained.

1 TSP  each of salt and turmeric powder (haldi) and 1 tbsp lime juice 

Mix everything and keep it away. This helps ensuring no bacterias remain on the fish.

For the paste :
2 Tbsp Oil

1 Cup Grated Coconut

1/2 TSP Fenugreek seeds / Meethi Dana

8 Kashmiri chillies whole

2 Medium Onion

6 Garlic Cloves

2 TBSP Coriander Seeds/ Dhania seeds

2 TSP Cumin Seeds / Jeera seeds

2 TSP Peppercorn

1 Medium sized Tamarind​ Ball

Heat oil in a pan and roast all the above ingredients for 5 mins on low flame. Ensure it doesn’t burn and heat is low . I like to roast my coconut separately because I like to give a bit of colour to it but it’s not how it’s done….Rest the mixture until it cools down and grind it to a smooth paste.It really needs to be ground smooth. In the process your processor jar might heat up too .. Here is where the hard work ends.

Now the Curry :
2 TBSP Oil

1 Large Tomato

Curry leave , few sprigs

1/2 inch ginger finely chopped

2 Green chillies

2 Onions finely chopped

2 TSP Red chilli powder ( I use Kashmiri chilli for colour )

Salt as per taste


Heat oil in a wide bottom pan. Add onions , ginger , garlic, green chillies and curry leaves. Saute till onions soften but not brown.

Add the red chilli powder. Stir so it doesn’t burn. Add the prepared paste. Mix well and let it cook. Moment it starts simmering , add water to give the gravy a medium consistency. It should not be watery. Add prawns and let the gravy simmer for another 5 to 7 mins or until the prawns are done. 

Don’t over cook or the prawns will harden and become chewy.

Serve and enjoy 

Bon Appetit 

Ritu M

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